Child Sponsorship Program


In order to meet our primary goal of developing a caring society for children and young people through innovative programs, Mbonweh members have agreed upon the following objectives to guide its child care and education program:

  • To provide quality and affordable nursery and primary education to poor orphans and underprivileged children
  • To help rectify problems existing in the local education system by introducing an alternative education approach
  • To address the issue of school dropout and failure
  • To offer a secure and stable learning environment for children
  • To help parents and teachers take an active role in child development

The UNIQUE Child Sponsorship Program: HOW YOU CAN HELP

Batoke and all other surrounding villages of West coast Cameroon are full of orphans and poor underprivileged children. Without sponsorship these children would either be forgotten in large government classes, or would be unable to attend school at all because their parents cannot afford basic requirements like food, books and uniforms (which are required to attend school in Cameroon).

If you would like to help, the MBONWEH UNIQUE Child Sponsorship Program offers you a chance to make a meaningful difference in the life of a child at a very affordable price.

Desmond and Edward are orphans living now with their aunt. Because of Sponsors from Europe, they are now able to attend school and pursue their dreams of becoming teachers.

How it works

The MBONWEH UNIQUE Child Sponsorship Program pairs a child in need with a sponsor parent, who sponsors a child to be enrolled in the Unique Bilingual Nursery and primary school Batoke for either one year or for subsequent years until the child graduates. Our program wants to encourage good level primary school education until the child is approximately 12 years old and the sponsorship does not continue to secondary school. A child can be selected by the school’s administration for sponsorship in the following circumstances:

  • Only one parent takes care of the child and has demonstrable inability to fund the child’s education.
  • One of the parents is chronically ill or handicapped.
  • Both of the child’s parents are dead.
  • The child's parents are poor, have more than 6 children, and have demonstrable economic problems.
  • The child needs extra help because of health problems, learning disabilities etc.
  • The child is an adopted orphan.

Sponsorship Costs

Sponsorship Costs In the UNIQUE program sponsorship for the 2009-2010 school year is
only 50 000 FCFA / €80 / £70 / $110 US per year. Complete sponsorship includes:

  • Unique school fees (schools runs 5 days a week from September to June)
  • A meal and drink every school day
  • School uniform and exercise books for one school year
  • Transport from home to school and back each day for one year

In case you wish to make a bigger contribution, you may want to increase size of the sponsorship to 65 000 FCFA / €100 / £90 / $140 US fund also the child's textbooks.
You might consider also making a donation to the school, which is in dire need of equipment or funding other Mbonweh's projects. You can find more information here.

MBONWEH international bank details

Account No. 39 874 354 7305 000
Account Holder: Mbonweh Women's Development Association
IBAN: CM21 1000 2000 3987 4354 7305 071

Please take note that international bank transfer will unfortunately cost you extra expenses. On the other hand with Mbonweh you know you are paying for minimum administrative costs and even that money goes to employing people in a developing country which is suffering from rampant unemployment.

We have established bank accounts in Finland and the U.K. to reduce the expenses of bank transfer. Please contact us for more information if this is relevant to you.

Mbonweh Women’s Development Association is a NGO, which financial statements are open to see. With Mbonweh you can rely that your money truly goes to the project they are intended to and do not go to the hands of the corrupt government.

Our Promise to Sponsor Parents

As a sponsor parent, you can rely on:

  • an annual update on the child’s progress in school, including an updated picture
  • letter correspondence with the child and his/her caregiver and the sponsorship coordinator on your choice
  • email correspondence to inquire the child’s situation when you wish
  • a detailed breakdown of the costs of the sponsorship program if requested

You can be in contact with the sponsor coordinator via email or by post. At the moment in charge of the project is the financial manager Hilary Ngosong. Your address will be only in the hands of the sponsor coordinator and all correspondence with the child will happen through him. If you are writing a letter to the child, please write their name on the back of the envelope. Remember that neither the school nor Batoke as a village has an
internet connection, therefore if a reply takes a week, do not get discouraged.

Hilary Ngosong registering a new student.

School address:
Unique Bilingual School
Evelyn Nojang
P.O. Box 250, Buea
Southwest Province


You can always also contact the elected president of Mboweh, Mrs. Evelyn Nojang at or see

We wish for you to continue your sponsorship throughout the child's education,
but you are not required to do this and are allowed to give up your sponsorship at
any time you feel necessary.

Thank You For Making a Difference in the LIFE OF A CHILD and assisting to DEVELOP A FAMILY AND A NATION!